Week Long Retreat: Mushroom Dyeing and Immersive Embroidery

September 29 - October 5, 2019

Join us for a unique week-long retreat where we will walk into the Maine woods foraging for and then dyeing with mushrooms and then dive into an immersive, historically inspired embroidery session. We will start with an informative presentation by Alissa and then get hands-on experience searching and picking mushrooms of our own. Students will learn to name and distinguish edible, non-edible and dye-producing fungi. Forest walks are followed by an all-day dyeing workshop, demonstrating how to extract different colors from the gathered mushrooms. to add natural color to thread, yarn and cloth.

During the second session we will revel in the historical context of embroidery in Maine with Annie Coggan and Jordana Martin. Inspired by the rich history of embroidered samplers in Maine, Annie and Jordana will lead us in both presentations as well as stitching exercises. Retreat goers will also enjoy primary embroidery sources at local historical societies and museums as well as a trip to the famous Swan’s Island textile company.

Meals will be provided by Annmarie Ahearn of Salt Water Farm using fresh, local Maine ingredients. We will have the opportunity to dine together at her farm. Private dining experiences will be curated by other well-known chefs and restaurants including Belfast’s Chase’s Daily, Camden’s Long Grain and Rhumb Line, and Rockport’s Seafolk.

Each evening we will gather together for our meal and stitch on a communal tablecloth. This project will bring us together at the end of the day and allow us to engage with each other and the craft that was originally a very communal act.

This retreat is set in beautiful Mid-coast Maine near Belfast.

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